VMware workstation + Hyper-V

Just a small announcement:

VMware workstation 15.5 is now compatible with Hyper-V of Windows 10 build 19041.264 (probably and up)!

Which means, to get it working you’ll have to update your windows to the latest patch level, which may not have been rolled out in your region yet. If so, the update assistant can be found here:


The VMware workstation pro release can be downloaded at VMware and accepts your current Workstation pro license. It can be found here:


Which means you can run Hyper-V, VMware Workstation and WSL2 on your Windows 10 desktop! (But you don’t want to see the pile of network adapters it created, I’m currently at 18 items in the network connections screen.)

And concerning WSL, you can convert your WSL1 distro to WSL2 and take all your work with you. Only thing that I’ve discovered to be broken was my X-forwarding setup, but that’s to be expected.